Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

August 2014

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue Curated by Mervyn Gers A new exhibition in our Clay Museum in support of World Design Capital 2014. The exhibition titled “Out of the Blue” is curated by Mervyn Gers and in collaboration with the Ruth Prowse fine art department. Students include: Alexander Knox, Benny Buckle, Brett Charles Seiler, Chester Horne, […]

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The Collector of Dreams

The Collector of Dreams Margot Hattingh Dates: 19.08.2014 – 11.09.2014 This collection of captured dreams is a series of images sparked by everyday life, events in the news, stories that she read and the dreams of people connected to her. In this media age we are constantly bombarded with terrible events and situations beyond our

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Blom waar jy geplant is

Blom Waar jy Geplant is Hermien van der Merwe Dates: 19.08.2014 – 11.09.2014 “I find my inspiration in the indigenous Fynbos flora of the Cape biosphere and Fynbos flowers form a golden thread through my work. Fynbos flowers are such understated, beautiful and strong flowers. They are proudly South African – as I am also

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Who’s Looking at Who

Who’s Looking at Who Lisette Forsyth Dates: 19.08.2014 – 11.09.2014 “This exhibition came to me by chance and I reacted instinctively. The land and the beings that live and grow upon it are bought and sold, reported on and governed. Wisdom comes in many forms worn as fancy finery in words or a means for

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