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A Focus on the African Woman in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Christa Myburgh

Dates: 03.06.2014 – 25.06.2014

Christa studied art at the University of Pretoria and taught drawing at Bloemfontein Technicon. She was also an art teacher at Camps bay High school in Cape Town. She is currently a full time artist and also teaches art privately in her home town, Bethal.

Christa grew up on a farm in the Highveld region in the midst of Apartheid, but only became aware of racial struggles later in her life. For this exhibition Christa used models that all live in a Township near her to portray certain well known women from the past.

The black female figure in her paintings are re-contextualized by deliberately removing them from a traditional realm and placing them in a so-called western context or setting. Hereby emphasizing the opposite of ‘apartheid’, which signifies new combinations; an amalgamation of races and cultures.

By painting the models on canvas with the prospect of being exhibited – she removes them from their traditional setting and places them in a staged environment.

It is necessary for the viewer to take time to study the multi-layer images. The background of some of her portraits often portray these conflicting cultures.

Andile , one of Christa’s favourite models, was an eye catching young woman with exquisite beauty who worked at the local supermarket. Sadly, she has since been stabbed to death by her partner. She was only 22 years old.

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