Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Current Exhibitions: Art Social:Quality Time, Annelie Janse van Rensburg, Barry van der Westhuizen, Garth Meyer and Ian Glenny (1952-2023)

Art Social: Quality Time

Art Social: Quality Time

Family Group Exhibition

Dates: 06/04/2024 – 11/05/2024

 This exhibition aims to highlight, celebrate and encourage our community to engage in creative activities together, ultimately building social capital and nurturing a love for arts and creativity in our youth.

Participating Artists

Hennie + Andries + Daniël Meyer

Anina + Anna-Sophia Deetlefs

Elize + Milan Oosthuizen

Marguerite Roux + Heidi Burger

Kim + Lilah Thebus-Woodman

Frieda + Kristina van Zyl

Patsy + Simon + Nicholas + Evie + Lisa Groll

Paul + Noah Senyol

Victor + Petal Harley

Carla Botes + Sienna Mulder + Khan Mulder

Wiehan + Jewel + Nathan de Jager


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