Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Exhibition Opening - 18 May '24 at 11h00

Earthbound Spirit

Anina Deetlefs

Dates: 08.07.2014 – 24.07.2014

Anina Deetlefs obtained her Degree in Graphic Design at the University of Stellenbosch ans while working in the fashion and interior design industry, both locally and internationally, pursued her painting career part-time. Since 2006 she has worked as a full time artist, developing her own colour-rich technique of oil painting. In 2011 Anina was chosen as one of the 73 finalists of the Sasol New Signatures Art Competition. This is her first solo exhibition.

Anina has found her niche in large scale portrait studies, which she approaches with meticulous attention to detail. Her compositions often situate a single person, viewed from the front, in a quiet but dark milieu. Inspiration for her subjects is mostly drawn from close relatives and friends, yet Anina sensitively renders that which is specific to her into art that addresses universal concerns. With clean and simple composition Anina augments her subtle use of symbolism. She often sets up a relationship between the subject and an object (e.g. light switch, thorn crown, gold fish, old ear phones) which serves as a port for the exploration of adversities, mistakes, failures and relationships, but more so the ways in which these experiences cultivate human growth and spiritual enlightenment. Anina’s work always suggests an internal landscape – invisible yet tangible – which sets the scene for an enquiry into various ambiguities in life. The notion that any situation could be a cause for optimism or pessimism – that perception is unique to every individual and is simply one’s interpretation of reality – translates beautifully through Anina’s skillful and refined use of imagery whereby she allows the viewer to engage with one or all of the multiple layers of interpretations lurking behind the veneer of her hyper-realistic representation.

In this body of work entitled Earthbound Spirit she explores the question “Are we spiritual beings having a human experience?’

Anina Deetlefs will be exhibiting her oil works in Salon B.

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