Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Exhibition Opening - 18 May '24 at 11h00


Juanita Oosthuizen

14 June until 13 July

“A chance encounter many years ago in the Tate Modern in London triggered my current choice of artistic medium. That day, I came across a tiny artwork in a vast, empty hall with a tiny figure as subject. It immediately appealed to my love of delicate minimalism.

Today I am inspired to come up with creative ways to incorporate miniature figurines into works of art – placing them in a carefully planned scenario fashioned from board and paper. This is mounted in a box frame to create a 3D environment. I work mostly in black, white and grey, sometimes introducing a smattering of colour to create an element of surprise. When I compose a piece, I find myself instinctively drawn to depict something surreal, wistful, pensive and sometimes playful. At times I use old photographs as a backdrop to the figurines, to create an element of nostalgia and tender memory. Clients have also on occasion, asked me to create a piece that depicts a fond memory from their own past.

My work varies from playful to serious and emotional, with the subject matter telling a story through the body language or interaction of the figurines. I create a space for the spectator to make his or her own interpretation.

I find inspiration everywhere – in nature, in daily life, in the city, in books on illustration, photography and design.

I am blessed with an abundance of energy and an overactive imagination. Images constantly tumble into consciousness, and the days, weeks and months often feel simply too short for all I still wish to accomplish.”

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