Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Pots with Attitude

Hennie Meyer

Dates: 1 July 2020 until 23 September 2020

The CUBE, created as a mobile exhibition space for small ceramic works, was the brainchild of CSA chairperson Ralph Johnson. Although designed to be moved and assembled where needed, the CUBE was eventually assigned to a permanent position in the Clay Museum in 2008 where CSA members’ work continues to be exhibited.

Hennie conseptualised this installation of anthropomorphic Pots with Attitude specifically for the CUBE, as part of the 2020 series of CUBE exhibitions with The Figure as theme.

Playful and fun, made in the weird, surreal and unsure times of lockdown, each work functions as a freestanding vase or as a wall vase with very different attitudes on both sides. As with people, there is more to each piece than meets the eye.

Continued support for galleries is invaluable during these unprecedented times. Fifty percent of sales of the Pots with Attitude exhibition will go towards helping to keep the doors of the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery and Clay Museum open.

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