Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Exhibition Opening - 18 May '24 at 11h00

Reflective Spaces

Paul Birchall

Dates: 14 October – 06 November 2014

These small painting have evolved over a period of two years and further investigate my interest in the tradition of making still life paintings. While these works appear as traditional observations of grouped objects, they are often chosen or set up to try to create a personal narrative, each painting has its own story in its relationship with my life; often things are chosen for symbolic reasons.

I try to fill the paintings with form and light. I have a fascination with painting reflective objects and most of the paintings contain reflective surfaces. The recent paintings of the tea pot came about by accident after painting the pot from an impromptu photograph taken in a friend’s house. I was fascinated by the distortion of the space reflected in the silver pot and since then the pot has travelled with me to a variety of spaces. I decided to take the pot to interesting interiors like the Irma Stern Museum to reflect specific places. The paintings in this body of work have been made the same size and the pot appears more or less in the same spot in the composition of the canvas, giving them an overall unity, while each refection gives the painting a different character.

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