Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Stian Bam


Mariposa Group Exhibition Dates: 01.02.2022 until 02.03.2022 Group Exhibition curated by Donavan Mynhardt Participating Artists include: Adele Potgieter, Annette Snyckers, Carla Botes, Chris van Niekerk, Corné Eksteen, Evert Esterhuizen, Ilse Nieman, Jaco Benade, JC Bolke, Jo Roets, Lesley Ireland-Mathew, Lynie Olivier, Marguerite Roux, Matthew Blackburn, Michele D’Argent, Nadine Hansen, Nazeer Jappie, Phillip Heenop, Stian Bam, […]

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Flora Stian Bam Dates: 12 November until 13 December 2019 South African actor Stian Bam will be presenting his latest series of drawings in his first solo exhibition at Rust-en-Vrede Gallery in November 2019. Stian works predominantly in charcoal, building up several layers to create dramatic monochromatic narratives. He is heavily influenced by Baroque art,

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Palate Plate Palette

Palate. Plate. Palette Group Exhibition Dates: 9 April until 8 May 2019 Group Exhibition curated by Donavan Mynhardt Participating Artists include; Alexander Knox, Alice Toich, Amor Jacobs, Ansie Ibbotson, Anton Betz, Buhle Nkalashe, Carla Botes, Caryn Scrimgeour, Corinne de Haas, Corné Eksteen, Craig Cameron-Mackintosh, Diane Mclean, Ella Cronjé, Frank van Reenen, Gary Frier, Geena Wilkinson,

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