Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Current Exhibitions: Art Social:Quality Time, Annelie Janse van Rensburg, Barry van der Westhuizen, Garth Meyer and Ian Glenny (1952-2023)

The Grand

Group Exhibition

Dates: 08.07.2014 – 24.07.2014

We are trying to cultivate a young generation of art buyers and art lovers. As young people often do not have the funding, we would like to give them the opportunity to invest in good art. As we believe that once the bug has bitten…

The idea is to have an exhibition of small, beautiful yet affordable artworks that gives EVERYBODY the opportunity to own an original artwork by an established artist. We want all the artworks on display to sell for exactly R 1000 – A GRAND. We asked artists what they can create for that price. Perhaps a small oil/acrylic on canvas or board? Or perhaps an etching or drawing?

A “Salon Style” group exhibition in Salon A + C. Some of the participating artists include: Caryn Scrimgeour, Theo Paul Vorster, Johan Coetzee, Elize Oosthuizen, Hermien van der Merwe, Aidon Westcott, Judy Woodborne, Shany van der Berg, Susan Grundlingh, Paul Birchall, Jaco Benade, Elzabe Kritzinger, Veronica Reid, Elizabeth Miller Vermeulen, Wendy Gaybba, Paula van Coller, Greg Kerr, Sarah Pratt, Alta Stegmann, Katrine Claassens, Angela Banks, Elsabe Milandri, Adrie le Roux, Mila Posthumus, Derek Zietsman, Annelie Venter, Robert Plotz, Helena Hugo, Leigh Tuckniss, Elise Macdonald, Rae Goosen, Nicholas Esterhuizen, Janna Prinsloo, Alexia Vogel, Grace Kotze, Michele Nigrini, Brent Record, Pat Fenn, Simone Wurz and Daya Heller.

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