Rust-en-Vrede Gallery


Lynie Olivier

‘We pay too much attention to those grand schemes and too little to the particulars of those fleeting moments’ (unknown)

“Translucent brush strokes on canvas and engraved line drawings on plexiglass become the words with which I describe and organize my thoughts in an attempt to ‘pause’ those fleeting moments and capture their essence to let them live on past the moment.

All the figures in Vlietend are those of family and friends, each one captured in a specific moment. I use these images to portray a certain feeling or concept; the title of each work could suggest a possible meaning to the viewer.

The engraved marks and brush strokes give some permanency to the work, like the marks that we leave behind when the moment is past, sometimes as footprints, graffiti on a wall, an artwork or sheet music. The moving figures, in contrast to this, suggest the transitory nature of time.”

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